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A few words about wooden windows

After many years of evolution modern wooden frames, are components of sophisticated standards and technology.

Wooden windows provide:

Tilt for ventilation.

Double or triple insulated energy crystals containing special gases (argon, krypton, etc.)

Special insulating profile tires (up triple insulated with 4 tires).

Frames are Paintable with high strength waterborne ecological impregnating colors.

There is no need for old fashioned maintenance (scratching paint), timber three «slices ” instead of glued wood and ” panels ” are made with the most specific methods by combining plywood and high strength special plywood.

The timber used have been dried and undergone deworming.

Our wooden frames are fitted with fully adjustable perimeter mechanisms advanced technology, high safety and functionality.

Basic principles of frames design

The outer frame, regardless of the material, is perhaps the sore point of the outer shell of a building. For this reason we need to reach out and give special importance to the technical features that determine the quality, durability and reliability of the frame.

Poor impermeability often results in the entry of water or creating air currents inside the frame. The humidity usually occurs in the connection points of frames in the opening (apron, lintel, side) or on the flange of glass. The problem of airtightness, on the other hand, is mainly located in the mounting notch frame and sash. Poor design, low-quality raw materials and lack of expertise are some of the main reasons for this imperfect behavior of frames.

It is known that most heat exchange in a building takes place through the glass and in a lesser extent in the frame part and leaves. Wooden frames exhibit much better thermal properties than metal and plastic frames.

Most problems occur in buildings constructed before the implementation of the regulation on compulsory insulation shell known in Greece as the KENAK, due to the use of old style wooden frames.

Another serious disadvantage of old style frames is the use of single crystals, which do not provide protection and acoustic insulation.

The modern double glazing contributes substantially to high heat & sound insulation characteristics. The gap between the double glazing also plays a major roll when the distance between the crystals is small ( 14 mm). The situation improved when the crystals have different thickness and the gap filled with special gases (argon gas).

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